2009 Reference (click images for enlargements)
Joe Moceri of St. Louis, MO, recently sent photos of his U-17 Our Gang Racing scale hydroplane he is building. Joe says "It is my race boat for the 2010 season. 1/8 scale with a CMB 67 nitro motor in it. I have machined the hardware to mimic the full size boat. We have concourse judging on the hulls and it is based on how close to scale as in design and graphics." He inquired about the paint numbers on this page for last year if they are still the colors. For 2009 those are the colors, we are changing the color this season with a different brand of paint. Below are pictures Joe sent and below that are reference photos for the 2009 season.

2008 Reference
Doug Shepherd wrote Nate Brown in 2009:

Nate, My name is Doug Shepherd and I live in Madison, IN. I race 1/8 scale RC boats and will be building a 1/8 scale of your U-17 this winter. I would like to see if you can give me the paint codes and the paint manufacture for the colors that you used on the U-17. I love the look of that cowling. I also included a pic of my  U-7 Formula hull that I raced this past racing season. Thanks so much if you could help and Good Luck!

Doug Shepherd

P.S. Attached are photos of our build. Thanks Doug Shepherd, DPS racing hulls, Madison, IN  47250

The center section of the U-17 being vacuumed formed in the mold.

The lower center section of the hull

The top and bottom of the new U-17 being seamed together.

We are glad to help you, Doug, and any of you other modelers out there. Below you will find the paint codes and reference photos (2008) to make sure you models are accurate. To race in some model clubs your boat has to look exactly like the boat did in the season that your boat is registered as.

Paint Codes Are
BLUE IS PPG #194512
RED PPG #73249


Below are images of the 2009 U-17 Our Gang Racing

Boat end of day Seafair

Middeck forward


Left hand rear cowling

Right hand rear cowling

Terry Troxel Memorial sticker on rear of sponson

Inside upright (same both sides)

Left upright (same both sides)

Front canard and air rams

Left transom canoe (note in trailer picture above right transom canoe has only System Three decal)

Left canoe mid side

Canapy markings

Qatar uprights


2008 Reference

UPDATE Jason Colean sent these photos of the R/C boat that he built.

Inside sponsons behind canard.

Back of Cowling left side.

Upright left side.

Cockpit labels/switches right side.

Canard top.

Horizontal stabilizer.

Transom right side. Logos on edge
repeated on left side. O'Brien not
repeated on other side of hull. (Note
difference in upright logos.)

Inside upright, both uprights
have same logos.

Clear sponson strake.

Air ram tops.