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Rough waters continue for Miss Red Dot

Kip's Wild Ride

Demoines Officer honored as crew chief

Where in the World is Our Gang Racing?

Katie Fosell in Local Paper

Times Article Shoestring Budget

Roostertails: Red Dot cruises amoung H1 elite

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Free Press Article on Cal Phipps and U-17

Cal Phipps and U-17 article in Free Press

U-17 article in Free Press

Kip Brown Scores First Heat Win

Tastin' n Racin'


Nate Brown talks Hydro with Fox 40

May 31, 2013

Nate Brown takes viewers on a tour of the U-95 Spirit of Qatar for Sacramento's Fox 40...Watch Now

Rough waters continue for Miss Red Dot

August 7, 2012

By Matt Carstens

Issaquah driver is out of Seafair after crash

It was just your typical 190 mph morning stroll along the waters of the Columbia River when Miss Red Dot driver Kip Brown took the ride of his life.

“We had a steering failure,” he said. “At that point, it went into a pretty violent hook and I was just along for the ride.” ...Read More


Pictures of Kip's Wild Ride in Tri-Cities

Tri-Cities Herald

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Article in Local Paper on Dave Bell, Crew Chief of the Year 2011

Des Moines officer honored as crew chief

Dave Bell is guilty as charged for moonlighting.
He works three 12-hour days on and three days off as master sergeant for the Des Moines police department, and on nights, off days and vacation days he doubles as a crew chief for the U-17 Miss Red Dot hydroplane on the unlimited circuit.

And he is not just any crew chief -- he was voted as the Crew Chief of the Year.

"Dave was chosen as the No. 1 crew chief of the sport," said U-17 fellow part owner John O'Brien. Read More...

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Article in Local Paper on Our Gang Racing Team in Qatar

Where in the world is Our Gang Racing?

January 24, 2012

By Christina Corrales-Toy

Local hydroplane team competes in the Middle East

There’s nothing quite like watching an unlimited hydroplane race.

The sleek boats travel at speeds of about 200 mph, kicking up massive walls of water (called rooster tails) in their wake, all while majestically skipping across the surface waves.

“It’s a dangerous sport, but when it works, it’s like a ballet on water,” said John O’Brien, an Issaquah attorney and a principal owner of Our Gang Racing... Read More

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Article in Local Paper on Our Gang's Katie Forsell

Mount Si grad Katie Forsell gets taste of hydroplane racing, behind-the-scenes

Snoqualmie Valley Record Editor

“Holy cow!” That’s what 21-year-old Katie Forsell remembers thinking when she got the Perkins-Glass hydroplane up to speed.

Bouncing across the waves on Lake Sammamish in a vehicle that’s almost as much aircraft as boat, Forsell, a third generation hydro enthusiast from North Bend, had to think fast. Read More...

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Article in Seattle Times

Nate Brown's Miss Red Dot makes most of shoestring budget

Nate Brown's unlimited hydroplane is one of the surprising stories of the season as Seafair racing kicks off.

By Bob Condotta

Seattle Times staff reporter

The definition of success is changing for owner Nate Brown and the Miss Red Dot hydroplane.

For a few years, it was simply getting the boat on the water and back to the pits in one piece. Read more...

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Article in Tri-Cities Herald

Roostertales: Red Dot cruises among H1 elite

By Jeff Morrow and Katie Dorsey, Tri-City Herald

KENNEWICK -- Kudos to the U-17 Miss Red Dot team and driver Kip Brown, whose 156.565 mph qualifying time was third-best Friday at the Lamb Weston Columbia Cup.

The U-17 comes into this weekend as the national high points leader with 2,682 points.

And a big reason is the boat has gotten faster. Read More...

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NEW - Issaquah Press article on Miss Red Dot

Article in Free Press on Cal Phipps and the U-17 Miss Red Dot

Cal Phipps and Miss Red Dot featured in the Detroit Free Press

U-17 Miss Red Dot Featured in Article in Detroit
Read Here

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Article in Madison Courier

Kip Brown Scores First Heat Win

Read Here

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Our Gang Racing's U-17 Miss RedDOT in Issaquah Magazine

Tastin’ N Racin’
May 2nd, 2011 | By: Fred Nystrom

The best-kept secret in Washington.

Back in the 1980s, Issaquah’s Salmon Days was a small-town event for locals. During the same weekend there was a limited hydroplane race on Lake Sammamish by the state park. As a longtime hydro fan, local attorney John O’Brien was struck by the contrast of 25,000 people attending Salmon Days downtown and maybe only a dozen people watching the races. Read More...

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