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Seafair 2013


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Albert Lee Cup at Seafair 2013
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August, 2013

Kip Brown testing the U-95

David Bell gets cockpit ready for qualifying

Jeff Bernard and Nate Brown on the radios with Kip

Spider Jackson guiding U-95 onto trailer

Kip flying the boat in qualifying

Kip happy with last run, 2nd fastest in quals

Jim Pletz holding skin fin guiding U-95 onto trailer

Kip flying during quals

Jimmy Labrie hoisting cowling

Nate Brown examining prop

Crew Chief Dave Bell and Jeff Bernard working
trailer firing turbine

Troy Holmberg checking turbine while trailer firing

Tiffany Troxell Brown drying her husband's seat

Jimmy "got a problem, see me" Labrie

Kip Brown and Jeff Bernard at driver's meeting

Katie Forsell working on batteries

Rob Chapman fueling boat

Kip flying the boat during testing

Saturday Morning testing


Game time

Kip in his office

Start Heat 1B

Lisa Engle Crouse preparing cockpit windows

Opening Ceremonies: L-R Rob Chapman, Brandon Crouse, Jim Pletz, Chef Ed Rouse, Nate Brown, Lisa Engle Crouse, Susan Weiner, Mark Weiner, John O'Brien, Jimmy Labrie, Tiffany Troxell Brown, Katie Forsell, Dick Desroche, David Bell, Rob Schommer, Jeff Bernard, Mike "Spider" Jackson

Dick Desroche holding front line
bringing boat to water

Kip on the front stretch

Rob Schommer replaces sensor on drive shaft with help from Rob Chapman

Crew ready to go, L-R Jeff Minar (on loan from Ellstrom Racing), Troy Holmberg, Dick Desroche, David Bell, Spider Jackson, Rob Schommer,
Jimmy Labrie

David Bell ready to strap Kip in for Heat 3A

Chef Ed Rouse preparing another
great meal for the crew
, thanks Chef Ed!

Kip Heads out for Heat 3A

Race for score up buoy

Here you can see just how big the holes in turn 1 are

Kip leads the field into turn 1

Up the backstretch

Kip down the front stretch with one lap to go

Kip holds off Jimmy Shane in lane 1 for heat win

Rescue crew giving Kip congrats. A big shout out to
the men and women who are there when we need
their help!

Mark Weiner bringing prop shaft to truck

Brandon Crouse holding on to cart and BBQ as he helps Chef Ed pack up after another year of great meals.
(Yes Brandon did get thrown off in a corner, uninjured)

Kip leads the field to turn 1 of final

Flying down the front stretch

Kip congratulating Jimmy Shane on his victory

Kip Brown talking with Steve Raible on live TV after receiving the Budweiser Fastest Lap trophy

Kip Brown 3rd, Jimmy Shane 1st, Steve David 2nd

We meet great people at race sites all the time, here
Domisi Parham helps Rob Chapman roll up the hoses.

Jeff Bernard and Jimmy Labrie washing boat for
photo shoot in the morning with Qatar drag teams

Brandon posing while Kip and Rob help load turbines

John O'Brien ready to call it a day

Heading home

Side of the truck (checkerboard is made up of images
of the team over the first six years starting on the
left here and wrapping around the truck)

Big shout out the couple, Scott and Peggy Sheridan who gave me a ride all weekend so I could get some great shots of the U-95 Spirit of Qatar. This was their first tow ever bringing the U-48 Snoqualmie Casino's with Jamie Nilsen driving back to the docks.

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Lamb Weston Cup at Tri-Cities 2013
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July, 2013

Opening Ceremonies (only they ended 10 minutes ago)
L-R: Kip Brown, Rob Chapman, Carol Pletz, Jim Pletz, Ed Cleveland, David Bell, Dick Desroche, Rob Schommer, Mark Weiner, Susan Weiner, John O'Brien, Mike "Spider" Jackson, Lisa Engle Crouse

Ed Cleveland working on the boat

Kip leading the field around turn 2

Mark Weiner polishing a prop

Kip heading to his office

Lisa Engle Crouse applying Rain-X to cockpit

Heading to start

Kip coming out of turn 2

Turn 2

Down to start finish

Dick Desroche working on turbine

Brandon Crouse checking hatches and applying
high tech sealants (duck tape)

Jim and Carol Pletz

Crew Chief David Bell and Ed Cleveland getting turbine ready for final

Rob Schommer putting H1 Unlimited's monitoring box in

Dick Desroche and Spider Jackson guide the boat to
water while Ed Cleveland guides the crane operator
with David Bell ready to strap Kip in

Start of the Final (U-95 middle boat)

Into the water

Rough water, rough finish in last

Kip flying the boat down front stretch

Nate Brown and Rob Chapman box the skid fin
to put onto truck

John O'Brien and Brandon Crouse wrestle turbine
into truck

Our Gang grades Kelly Stocklin's landing earlier
(he flipped in the U-100 Leland Racing hull)

Kelly taking offense with John's score

Kip Brown removing horizontal stabilizer wing bolts

Kip hands wing to Nate Brown and Spider Jackson

Rough water out there in final, rear left upright (holds horizontal stabilizer wing) broke from the boat

Nate, Kip and Jeff Bernard survey the damage and plan for repairs before Seafair in one week

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