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Albert Lee Cup at Seafair 2012
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September, 2011

Nate Brown qualifying.

Scott Liddycoat and Kip Brown watching tunnel boats.

Drivers having a chat, l-r J Michael Kelly, Scott Liddycoat, Jeff Bernard, Kip Brown..

Nate Brown posing for pictures in Boeing tent.

Susan and Mark Weiner watching the race.

Nate coming in after run.

Ginger Jackson updating facebook.

Joe Yandell working on gear box.

John O'Brien cleaning cockpit.

Crew chief Dave Bell waving to driver.

Rob Schrommer and Dave Bell watching a race..

Nate riding high into turn.

Ginger Jackson cleaning cockpit glass.

Mark Weiner working on prop.

Testing firing turbine on trailer.

Nate passing Mt Baker in heat 1.

Jeff Bernard sizing up cockpit.


Jeff Bernard waiting to hit the dock while Christabelle Bernard, Mark Weiner and Rob Schrommer keep the Miss Red Dot from hitting the dock and Dave Bell and Dick DeSroche get the boat ready for crane.

Rick Weiss working on boat.

Jeff Bernard testing the boat.

Jeff charges down the front straight.

Rick Scidmore packing up crane straps.

Hard into turn 1.

Jeff racing after the field.

Crew Chief Dave Bell strapping Jeff in.

Mike "Spider" Jackson and Dick DeSroche guide
the Miss Red Dot to the water..

Katie Forsell removing bolt from skid fin.

Jerod Marin poses with Bill Weber.

Jerod Marin fueling the boat.

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Lamb Weston Columbia Cup, Tri-Cities 2012
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June 23, 2012

Jerod Marin and Rick Scidmore working
on sponson repair.

Dave Bell working on front canard.

John O'Brien and Kelly Stocklin posing in tribute
to JP Patches who once sat on their boat
in a parade.

Dave, if we put a seat right here the driver can see better.

Rob Schrommer and Dick DeStroche check wiring.

Jeff Bernard and Nate Brown chatting while
Kip signs autographs for fans.

Kim Forsell replacing stickers after patch job.

Opening ceremonies.

Mark Weiner working on a prop.

Nate rounding turn 2 in heat 2.

John O'Brien plugging the boat into power.

Nate giving it all to beat Mark Evans to line in Heat 3.

Jim Pletz sanding damage on upright.

Racing in heat 3.

Heat 2 action.

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Testing Tri-Cities, June 2012
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June 23rd, 2012

5 am and ready to pull out.

Breakfast at Buzz Inn in Ellensburg.

The Miss Red Dot passed the Atlas on the inside.

Arrival at the Lampson Pits in Tri-Cities, WA.

Rick Scidmore and Mark Weiner install skid fin.

Jeron Marin and Mike "Spider" Jackson hold the lines
while Justin Weyemouth signals the crane operator.

Crew Chief Dave Bell puts lid down on cockpit.

Test run one, cloudy at far end...

...filtered sun at the other. Thunderstorms all around.

Jason Colean of Colean Hydros with his model of the
U-17 Miss Red Dot. For more information on these
highly detailed models check
him out on facebook.

Second run in the rain.

Kip taking a tight turn.

Into turn 1.

Kip heading to dock while Mike Jackson and Rob Schrommer hold boat in, Dave Bell closes cockpit hatch and Justin Weymouth call crane.

Sun came out as soon as boat put onto trailer. Nate Brown talking with Dave Bell who is emptying the fuel cell,
Steve Audett and Dick DeSroche
working on turbine,
Jarod Marin cleaning boat and Katie Forsell
straightening cockpit.

Team Meeting at end of day.
L-R Dave Bell, Brandon Crouse, John O'Brien, Lisa Engle, Jim Pletz, Steve Audett, Rick Scidmore, Kip Brown, Dick DeSroche, Mike Jackson, Susan Weiner, Jarod Marin, Rob Schrommer, Mark Weiner, Nate Brown, Katie Forsell.

Heading out.

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