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Seafair 2011
Aug 7th
Aug 6th
Aug 5th

Tastin' n Racin'

March 2011

2011 Gallery

Preparing for San Diego and Doha
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September, 2011

Back up cowling turned into salt water cowling.

New salt water scoop.

Steve Audett working on turbine wiring.

Nate Brown applying carbon fiber to
seams on salt water scoop.

Kip Brown with Steve Audetts help configures
foam for salt water scoop..

Joe Yandell finishing up gear box.

Katie Forsell and Jim Pletz inventory
truck for the trip overseas.

John O'Brien and Nate Brown prepare fiberglass for last layers on salt water cowling.

John O'Brien trying to figure out
how the new gloves work.

Kurt Wagner prepares to remove turbine from shipping box, another one of our tubines went in for journey.

Turbine engine arrives at shop from being worked on.

Final push for repairs before San Diego, times ticking.

Last years radical wing chopped up for parts.

Chef Ed from Snoqualmie Casino showed up to
fix a BBQ for the crew, thanks Ed!

Rob Schommer working on wiring packages for boat

Rich Tobian replacing screw
brackets for access panels.

Dick DeSroche tightening bolts on heat shield.

Dave Bell taping boat for painting.

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Albert Lee Cup at Seafair, August 2011
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August 7, 2011

Out for testing early.

Crew awaits Kip's return.

Kip happy about test, Justin Weymouth ready's crane
and Rob Schommer get ready to get black boxes to analyze data.

Kip gets interviewed by Kiro Traffic Anchor Jenni Hogan while the crew gets ready to race.

Kip poses with Jenni.

Scoring up in Heat 1A.

Hanging it on the hook.

John O'Brien patching right sponson.

Spider Jackson, Derek Brown and Nate Brown talking
with JIm Lucero of Turbine Warehouse.

Troy Holmberg talking with Jim Lucero about turbine..

Mark Wiener working on a shaft.

Katie Forsell and Spider Jackson walk
the boat to the dock. Nate Brown, Justin Weymouth,
Jerod Marin, Dave Bell and Kurt Wagner get ready to prepare for Heat 2A

Kip Brown opens the cockpit to climb in while
Kurt Wagner and Crew Chief Dave Bell ready the boat

Heat 3A restart.

The Our Gang Racing Team
Front L-R: Joe Yandell, Theda Yandell, Justin Weymouth, Rick Weiss, John O'Brien, Mark Wiener,
David Cormier, Steve Audett
Middle L-R: Jim Pletz, Danielle Holmberg,
Troy Holmberg, Kurt Wagner, Ginger Jackson,
Stephanie Weymouth, Katie Forsell, Nate Brown,
Lisa Engle Crouse, Brandon Crouse
Back L-R: Jerod Marin, Dick DeSroche, Chef Ed,
Cal Phipps, Derek Brown, Spider Jackson,
Rob Schommer, Dave Bell,
Tiffany Troxell Brown, Kip Brown.
Bottom Row: U-17 Miss Red Dot Unlimited Hydroplane

Heading home.

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August 6, 2011

Nate Brown and Spider Jackson adjusting the
skid fin angle

Steve Audett replacing a relay.

Dick DeSroche mopping engine well while Joe Yandell
works on gear box systems.

Kip Brown flying the start.

Kip passes the U-7 in the air.

Turn one very rough.

Flying down the backstretch.

On the way to second place in heat 1.

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August 5, 2011

Kip Brown signing autographs for kids from Make a Wish

Kip waiting for his turn to qualify.

Kip giving advice to Scott Lidycoat of the U-7

Kurt Wagner climbs in to run controls while
Ginger Jackson cleans the windows.

L-R Dave Bell, Steve Audett, Kurt Wagner &
Dick DeSroche remove the turbine.


Ginger updating our facebook page.

Steve, Rick Weiss and Kurt fly new turbine to boat.

Kip qualifying the U-17 Miss Red Dot.

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Tastin' n Racin' June 2011
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June 12, 2011

Nate Brown working on angle of skid fin.

Rick Weiss and Jerod Marin tighten bolts on skid fin.

Dave Bell trying out the cockpit (actually in to
turn steering wheel while lining up shafts.)

Joe Yandell and Dick DeSroche working on engine with Steve Audett retrieving tools. (Note H1 Unlimited inspector on back of boat putting hull through annual inspection.)

Where is my ride?


Waiting for the crane, Kurt and Karen Wagner
watch the limited action.

Getting ready for first run on Sunday.
Note U-100 sitting behind us.

Kurt taking picture of fan in cockpit.

Rick Weiss and Jim Pletz loading turbine into truck.

Getting ready for second run, L-R Joe Yandell,
Jerod Marin, Kurt Wagner, Derrick Brown, Nate Brown,
Karen Wagner, Rob Schommer, Steve Audett.

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March 2011
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March 1, 2011

The U-17 sitting in the snow.

Kip Brown washing the boat and trailer down in the rain
(it stopped raining the minute the boat was pushed inside).

Backing in.

Lowering the trailer.

Rob Schommer checks out the inside of a hatch.


Turbine 3 parts. (Guess where that pink one came from.)

Opening the truck doors, everything is still there! Look closely behind the ladder and you can see a new (to us)
F-16 canopy wrapped in paper and cardboard.

Our new props for the coming season.

Dave Bell and Dick DeSroche check the fit of fan blades in hot section of turbine 3.

First half of new horizontal stabilizer.

Starting to unload.

Tom, we are still waiting for your sponsorship check that was due last month! (Tagged on the road.)

Team took turns holding the bucket to collect
water out of the boat.

Heading home.

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