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2010 Gallery

Seafair Albert Lee Cup
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August 7 & 8, 2010

Kurt Wagner strapping Kip Brown into cockpit.

Leaving the dock for Heat 1A.

Heading into turn 1 at start of Heat 1A.

Kip Flying High in Heat 1A.

Nate Brown congratulates Kip on his 2nd place finish.


Rob Schommer gets computer info after heat.

Justin Weymouth greases rudder preparing for
Sunday's heats.

Dave Bell checking turbine shaft after heat.
Justin Weymouth prepares for fueling boat.

Jamie Bernard repairs sponson.

Spider Jackson cleaning of propeller.

Our Gang Racing standing on dock for opening ceremonies. (L-R) Kurt Wagner, Karen Wagner,
Nate Brown, Joe Yandell, Patrick Gleason, John O'Brien, Kip Brown, Ginger Jackson, Steve Audett, Jim Pletz.

L-R) David Bell, Cindee Hintz, Justin Weymouth,
Derek Brown, Spider Jackson, Rob Schommer.

Hanging on the hook in first turn of Heat 2A.

The great men and women of the
rescue crews stand ready.

Coming out of first turn of Heat 2A.

Kip tries to get turbine spooled back up after getting washed down. It's not smoke, steam from water getting on turbine exhaust.

Limping home in last place with a damaged turbine.

Crew scrambling to remove turbine.

Kurt, Steve and Troy Holmberg remove starter. U-17 drew Heat 3A and have less than an hour to swap turbines.

Derek, Kurt raising turbine, Rob spots lines still attached.

Busting knuckles in a race for time, Joe, Kurt, and Troy attaching starter to other turbine.

Kurt, Troy, David and Joe finish attaching starter.

Less than 10 min to 5 min gun, turbine
hoisted into boat.

Crew scrambles to install turbine.

One minute to 5 minute gun boat hoisted to water

Kip leads heat into turn 1 after start.

Going through turn 1 in 2nd place.

Kip finishes Heat 3A in 2nd place.

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Tri-Cities Lamb Weston Columbia Cup
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July 2010

Kurt Wagner working on turbine.

Derek Brown (L), Kurt Wagner and Justin Weymouth
lower boat into river.

Nate Brown steps onto boat as Derek Brown get
ready to strap him in.

Justin Weymouth sprays prop to check
for stress fractures.

Troy Holmberg working on turbine.

Rob Schommer retrieve computer information.

Dave Bell working on turbine.

Steve Audett opening battery hatches.

Nate pulls out for run.

Steve Audett holds stern while Jim Pletz hold skid
fin as boat is lowered onto trailer.

Nate getting a little air under the boat.

Joe Yandell, Stephanie Weymouth and
Patrick Gleason watching the final from the dock.

Derek Brown and Kurt Wagner strap Nate
in before heat run.

Nate giving a TV interview.

Nate led field to first turn of final.

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Tastin 'n Racin 2010.
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June 12, 2010

Steve Audett fastens down the hatch covers.

John O'Brien test the driver air system.

First trailer fire of the year.

Dave Bell and Joe Yandell fasten down the cowling.

Nate Brown checks out the cockpit before the first run.

Kurt Wagner and Joe Yandell torque the propeller nut to the short shaft..

David Bell fills up the fuel cell.

Mike Simons checks the depth of the lake on the dock to see where we have clearance for the rudder and skid fin.

Jim Pletz hold one end in a hatch...

...while Pat Gleason tightens bolt covers for bracket for turning boat over in shop.

Kip Brown and Nate Brown talk before Kip's first run.

Steve Audett (hidden), Rob Schommer, Joe Yandell and Jim Pletz wrestle the boat around the dock.

Nate Brown and Rob Schommer frame the Cascade Oil logo as our newest sponsor
with Joe Yandell, Pat Gleason, Kurt Wagner and David Bell across the bottom.

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Painting begins.
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May 18, 2010

White coat on front, note red and blue done on back.

John Spears ready's another coat.

Painting into the night.

Systems going back in boat.

Work finishes on bottom of hull with top painting finished.

New cowling paint ready.

May 8, 2010

John Spears start painting boat on bottom.

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Work continues on getting boat ready for painting.
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April 2010

Waiting for a propeller shaft.

Nate Brown sands the sponson runners
with a long board.

Transom repairs, crack found after stripping
transom down.

Nate working on other sponson.

Kurt Wagner pulls gear out of gear box
while Joe Yandell heats it up with torch.

Turbine 1 almost repaired after final heat
wash down in Qatar.

New upright anchors installed for
wider wing.

Our Gang Machine Shop.

Our Gangs gear boxes & turbines
getting prepared for 2010.

Transport sports new front bumper.

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Boat returned from Doha, Qatar in February. Team is now starting to strip boat, do repairs, sand boat for painting and build larger horizontal stabilizer and move uprights out to canoes.
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February 2010

Boat off trailer.

John O'Brien finishes unpacking while
Joe Yandell sweep shop after unloading truck.

Another view of boat off trailer.

Decking removed over rudder system in
transom along with upright mounts. Mounts
will be moving out to canoes.

Boat being sanded for painting.


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