Pictures from February 13th, 2008

Seattle - Preston:   We've
removed all components
from the boat and started
prepping the boat's hull for
painting.  Astonishingly, it's
still February and not the
middle of July.

Seattle - Preston:   
Here we're fixing some
minor fiberglass issues -
we partially melted a
section of glass on the
stern of our boat when we
fired up the turbine the
first time and didn't have
the heat shield installed
at that time.
(Note the honeycomb
core material and
careful mixing of the
epoxy resin)

Seattle - Preston:   
Here we're making a
template for a new
hatch above our
rudder hardware for
easier access.

Seattle - Preston:   

Here's a couple of
pictures of the hull
being prepared for a
new paint-job.

Pictures from February 22nd, 2008
Seattle - Preston:   

Still preparing the boat for
the new paint job - it's an
incredibly dusty process
that we've almost

Also finished
manufacturing a new
hatch for the deck
above the rudder
controls and re-glassing
our heat damaged

Pictures from March 19th, 2008

Seattle - Preston:   

The boat has been
completely prepared
for painting and we've
started spraying the
primer on.

Click on an image to see a larger picture
Pictures from March 25th, 2008

Seattle - Preston:   

The top half has been fully
faired and primered..

Here you can see a
sequence of photos of us
moving the U-17 from the
storage loft to a work bay.

Here the hull has been
flipped to allow for working
on the underside.

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