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2007 Season




A few of the classics
Above:  Seattle Seafair - This is the first time the boat is in the water and we're excited
to see if all the hard work will pay off.  Just the fact that we made it to this point in six months is a
success in itself!  Of course, we could not have made it without the help from our great sponsors, other
teams (especially the Ellstroms) and all the others, some of whom are listed on the
Our Gang page.

We made it over to the Tri-Cities Columbia Cup the last weekend in July, but the boat wasn't quite ready
to race.  Even though we spent all Saturday and Sunday working on the boat, it was a fun and
rewarding weekend.  We wrapped up Sunday evening by having Nate jump in the cockpit and hit the
start button.

Loading up                                               A perfect day for racing                             A quick meeting before qualifying

The boat wasn't quite
ready to race at
Tri-Cities, but we
were close. The team
gained valuable experience
being at a race site and
getting a feel for the weekend.

Seattle Seafair - We finished the boat just in
time (actually a few hours before) the
Chevrolet Cup at Seattle Seafair!  We
qualified with a lap speed of 143 mph and
ended the weekend by taking second place
in the provisional race (with Nate setting the
best lap speed of the race and a top speed
of 187 mph!).  Not bad for a boat that had
never been in the water before.
2007 Racing Season Pictures