Dave Pearson - skid fin prep         JC Bob O Ken                                Power tools                                 Structural testing        
Top notch turbine work being completed at Whispering Turbines' shop
Building the dashboard               Prepping for the decks                   Spencer cutting frames
$4,000 in bearings        Mike & Kurt cutting deck hatches              Geno and Kenny getting the I-beam in place
Nate and Steve making this look easy                       John giving the fork lift a hand          Nate and Scott
Johnny welding the I-beam                                      Lifting the boat down from the construction loft
Rolling the boat over to install the shaft line and paint                                         Rob and Nate testing electronics
Nate's first ride in the new boat       Welding the cockpit cage                 Ready for decks                    Happy B-day Nate!
Kenny & his son, Reggie                          Moving the boat into the finishing bay                               Checking deck fit
Nate installing a piece from his first race boat:  A Hickling 850cc
Installing a fuel cell                           Placing the last deck
The power plant nearing completion!
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2007 Initial Construction