Vacuum bag                      1st sponson                          Moving forms More manual labor
Nate and Joe                       One of the test props                  Main shop area               Spare sponson tucked away
Fun with saws                                   Materials scale                      Truck & trailer                   Joe in a blur of activity
USNW joins the Gang!              The Our Gang Team                  Geno and Jamie                        Kip & Cockpit
Kurt & the gearbox                  More bagging                   Wrapping up the gearbox                    Everyone's helping
Cockpit lid              This is serious work               More flat stock!                        Foam prep           Dave & the blades
Bagging the Cockpit                          Final sponson bagging                                       Final cockpit layers
Cockpit complete (almost)                                                           Nate and Kenny      Keeping things clean
Working on the bottom            Layering the hull
Stringers in place!                       Bob, Kurt, Jay                    Stringers and framing           Kurt, Kip, & Jamie
Cockpit with pods in place                 Christian milling battens
There's time to eat?                                                                          The Gang working on the framing
It's starting to come together                          Dave/Kurt/Kip/Joe                     Hull Framing
Sponson mold #1                     Fiberglass                              Vacuum pump                          Cleaning up
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2006 Initial Construction




|------------------------------------------------  11:00pm on a Tuesday - Do these guys ever sleep? ----------------------------------------------------|
Zinc chromate application         The joy of pneumatics                    Bob Bryant                          Framing templates
Dave Pearson - skid fin prep         JC Bob O Ken                                Power tools                                 Structural testing        
Building the dashboard               Prepping for the decks                   Spencer cutting frames