2010 Our Gang Racing Team News

Detroit's Jarvis Restoration Gold Cup is here!
Our Gang Racing Team looks to have a bit more luck this week at the Gold Cup. With a healthy gear box, we are look forward to finishing our heats and making the final. Kip surprised everyone last week by showing just how much speed we have,holding off the U-37 from the outside for a whole lap.

Madison Regatta is won by hometown Oh Boy! Oberto
Not a great weekend of racing for us as we had to withdraw after we blew a gear box in heat one. The rest of the weekend had some great racing that would have been even better with the U-17 in there. Congratulations to the U-1 team and Steve David on his final heat victory.

Had a great Heat 1 for 2 laps. Kip Brown lead the U-17 across the line first and lead the entire first lap. The U-37 took the lead in turn 1 of lap 2 but hit a bouy doing it getting a lap penalty. Kip was then in first place and looked to have the heat win. Coming across the line for the white flag the U-17 lost a gear box and drifted back to the pits.
U-37 then finished the heat for the win. Watch a replay at

The U-17 drew a favorable heat today in 1C with U-37 and U-100. Heat runs at 2:15 pm est.

Qualifying for this weekend race started today. Currently the U-17 is at 147.039 for one of the fastest speeds so far today. Join our twitter site for updates throughout the weekend. You can also follow live info at H1 Unlimited and radio at WORX.

Cascade Oil comes on board as Sponsor of U-17 for 2010 season, read more

Masterheat signs as Sponsor of U-17, read more

In the News, June 11, 2010
Read story on U-17 from SWX Right Now on U-17 heading in to Tastin 'n Racin.

Las Vegas, NV, March 6, 2010
Nate Brown accepted an award for Special Contribution for Our Gang Racing's outstanding performance on the teams first full season of racing (prior to 2009, Our Gang had only raced in Tri-Cities and Seattle). In 2009, Our Gang set out to run the entire season on the unlimited circuit. Running with an all volunteer team, the team was working with a small number of crew members at some races. The team started out rocky but made the final in the last four races and finished the season sixth in national points. (picture Sam Cole (L) and Nate Brown (R))

Las Vegas, NV, March 6, 2010
Former Our Gang Racing crew member and fan Jay Mabry had a photo in the action category for the photo contest at the annual banquet.


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