2008 Our Gang Racing Team News

July '08 - EATON Aeroquip RETURNS TO SPONSOR IN 2008
Our Gang Racing's U-17 hull will again fly the banners of Eaton-Aeroquip with the renewal of Eaton's 2008 sponsorship of the their Unlimited hull.  Aeroquip AQP® Racing Hose offers unsurpassed levels of performance and reliability for the  tough performance applications necessary to run a 3,000 horsepower turbine at 9,000 RPMs. The U-17 hull also utilizes Areoquip's revolutionary one-piece fitting design with uncompromised quality and assurance that they are using the highest performing components available. These compression-style fittings are easier to assemble and offer significantly better seal integrity than out-dated cutter-style fittings. Eaton Aeroquip's  well-respected name in fluid power components and extruded plastic products is recognized throughout the world among mobile and industrial, aerospace, marine and automotive customers.


We are proud to report that USNW Express has returned to sponsor the U-17 for 2008!  

Robert Summers, co-founder of USNW Express commented, "I would like to announce to all of the team members of Our Gang Racing that USNW Express is proud to be on board again as one of your official sponsors. One of the main reasons for supporting you guys is your dedication and the inspiration you provide to me and my company. Our Gang Racing reminds me so much of USNW Express as we’re a locally based company of talented and dedicated individuals who work as a team to challenge and compete with the deep pocket, multi-national companies. You should be very proud of your achievements and we look forward to joining you for a successful 2008!"

USNW Express is a leader in the global freight forwarding industry.  More information on this great
company can be found on their website at


Mary O’Brien, mother of crew member John O’Brien, has once again reserved the coveted bull nose sponsorship of Our Gang’s hydroplane. “My mom has had her name on the leading edge of my race boats for the past seven years,” said John. “When the Thunder Valley guys joined forces with Our Gang she said those words that every boat owner wants to here. “John, do you need some money?”  

The crew fielded many questions about the Seafair Mom moniker last summer. O’Brien explained the nickname. “Our family home is on Lake Washington Boulevard about two miles south of the pits. There are six kids in our family and my mom has put up with Seafair weekend parties, dawn to dusk, for over forty years. We’ve estimated 300 people at some of these events and she’s always right there in the middle of the shindig.” According to Mary, “Before there were soccer moms, there were Seafair Moms.”  

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